Sculpture Personal Training was established due to what we saw as a "gap in the market" – where fitness centres were driven by profit, and training was "once size fits all" and group classes were about volume.

At Sculpture Personal Training, our goal is to build relationships, change lives and we are driven to improve the well-being of our people – clients, friends, staff and the community.

Our motto is "Health and Fitness Sculptured to YOU!" With this in mind, we are able to facilitate and empower every single client to achieve their health goals and live their best life – they deserve it!

Our business model operates with complete honesty and transparency. We use only safe, best- practice training techniques; advocate only a healthy and balance diet – with no "crash" and unsafe diet changes which are unsustainable and damaging. We promote a fun and comfortable community environment. WE ARE REAL: from our photos, to our testimonials, to our google ranking, to our products – everything is " o naturale."