Sculpture Personal Training is an award-winning boutique-style health and fitness centre; which assists in encouraging the community spirit and welcoming, private and comfortable environment.

We take what we do very seriously, but as you can tell from the Mr. Strong toys and the Arnold Swarteneger uniforms we also have a sense of humour about it all!

You are always welcome and encouraged as a potential new client to attend the centre for a tour – with out the fear of being pressured into anything or intimidated by our staff or clients. We understand that taking the first step in the direction of your best life is extremely daunting – once you are here, we will do everything to elevate that anxiety and can almost guarantee you will find your “second home” as we personalise every part of your fitness routine and nutritional and sleep education to fit your needs and your goals. If you do not wish to go further, we will not hassle you, however, if you continue to walk forward and decide to take advantage of our services this is what you can expect:

You will essentially begin with a relaxed chat with your training discussing your present health and fitness level as well as your health and fitness goals. This will be followed by a slightly more formal fitness appraisal. Measurements of your body and body functions as a measure of your health will be taken. The appraisal can be a little embarrassing or intimidating, however, recording your initial fitness details will not only provide you with motivation, but also fill you with an enormous sense of accomplishment when you look back on these initial figures at one of your future appraisals.

Your trainer will then discuss with you your fitness goals and schedule you in for your preferred personal training session times. Your current nutrition levels and sleep routine will be discussed and you will be loaded with literature to assist you in making healthy choices in the future – some bedtime reading! You will also be given a notebook and asked to keep a food diary. “Before” photos may also be taken at this point.

[We will not use your photos in any marketing or for any other purpose than your own reflection without your consent.]

During your personal training session, your trainer will instruct you on, and with, the exercise equipment. The instruction will focus your energy and maximise your efforts in achieving your goals. As well ensuring that all physical movements are safe and optimised to produce visible results, your trainer will provide motivation so that you to push yourself that little bit further to perform. You may be asked to perform some cardiovascular training in addition to your scheduled personal training sessions and group classes. This can be performed at the centre either before or after your one-to-one personal training session. It is imperative not to compare yourself to others, as everybody starts at a different level and different people achieve different results in different time frames. Please discuss any anxieties or concerns with your trainer.