Peta G

Training at Sculpture Personal Training is not just about achieving results, the team make exercise fun!

I am hooked!

Sonia T

I just finished a class and hardly hold the pen!

Sculpture pushes your limits and gets you working. I recommend to anyone wanting to fit.

Alice V

Without the structure and motivation that the gang at Sculpture Personal Training Provide, I would not be the healthy and strong woman I am today!

The first appraisal opened my eyes; every class and every training session gave me hope.

Costa T.

I suffered from lower back pain for over 10 years and tried every form of treatment; chiropractic’s, physio, pilaties.

It was not until AK took care of me and trained me, watching every move with care and attention that my back was fixed!!!


Who would’ve thought that getting up at 5am would be something to look forward to?

Thanks AK for the motivation to do it. The gym is fully equipped with state of the art training equipment and AK's knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed.

Each session is well planned and specifically designed to fit each clients individual needs and wants. Thanks AK for the results achieved so far and for making each session something to look forward to...and for the many laughs along the way!!!!


It took me over a year to stop making excuses and start to take steps to improve my health and AK and his team are an absolute delight, and it's a decision that's changed my life.

The trainers are always happy and encouraging, as well as professional and obviously have a lot of experience!

I have been really surprised to see such great results in my general strength and fitness in as little as 4 weeks, its awesome to know that every session is tailored to me and my fitness level - and since I have started I feel stronger than I have been my whole life! - it's also surprising to see how much more confidence I have gained physically and emotionally to tackle the challenges of my hectic schedule and work/life commitments. A huge thank you to AK & all the other trainers, keep up the great work!


Sculpture Persional training has completely changed my views of staying fit and healthy.

AK and his staff make working out as enjoyable as possible, and along with their expert training and nutrition pointers, i am getting closer and closer to my fitness goals. The personal environment of the gym makes it an absolute pleasure to train at. Thanks so much for all the help AK and JonnoB


AK and his staff are always very friendly and welcoming.

It's the first time I've actually enjoyed going to the gym. I've learnt a lot about diet and exercise and am feeling fitter and stronger. The facilities are great and I would recommend it to anyone. Felicity


Joining Sculpture Personal Training was a life changing decission for me. 18 months ago I was woking 70+ hours a week 6 days a week. Diet was terrible living on fast foods and coke ( the soft drink lol ). All this led to me ending up in Hospital with chest pains.

The most frightening experience of my life. This warning made me re evaluate my whole life. With the support and advice from AK I have changed my diet and have been training twice a week and have never been fitter and stronger in body and mind. Thank you AK and John for all your support in changing my lifestyle. You certainly put the PERSONAL in Personal Training.


The Crew at Sculpture Personal Training have changed my life! At the start of 2011 I weighed 138kg, I felt terrible all the time and my work was suffering.

I've tried in the past to diet and get fit but never found the right solution. AK and his staff have provided the perfect combination of training, encouragement and diet advice.

I'm now 5 months in to my training plan and I've lost 18kg, at a steady rate of about 1kg per week, which is perfect.

The atmosphere at Sculpture Personal Training is great - AK and the staff are happy, chatty and always keen to discuss training and diet issues. I really look forward to going training twice a week and seeing the weight come down. Thanks AK for all your help!

Tracey T

Best place to be where personal trainers care and always with a smile on their faces. Friendly and warm environment, very welcoming.

Everyone knows every one if not you will be introduced to. Keep it up AK & Team !


I thoroughly enjoyed each session at Sculpture Fitness.

The personal training was very hard but extremely rewarding. They certainly know how to challenge you and push you to your absolute limits but thats what it is all about. I would definitely recommend to others if you want to see results!