SAVED!!! I was facing having to sell my Carpet Cleaning business.

A chronic lower back injury would leave me in so much pain at the end of each day that I could barely walk. The mornings were crippling, trying to get out of bed would bring tears to my eyes. After being referred to many Doctors, Specialists, Neurosurgeons, Physio's Chiro's and Gyms I had given up. It was surgery and sell up !!

Then came AK and his Sculpture Fitness Studio.

We have been training for 6 months and my pain level has diminished to less than 15% . Yep thats right thats an 85% improvement!!! I have also been able to slowly stop using the antideppressants and pain killers that the doctors had me on a high dose of.. Its an incredible turn around for me and literally been life changing. AK's commitment to researching the correct exercise's to allow me to train and get strong physically, emotionally and mentally is second to none. Thanks for giving me not just my life back but also the personal encouragement and self belief that I could do it!!