Personal Training

Personal Training at Sculpture PT is a 30-minute session with a trainer which is focused on resistance training

Performed either alone, or with a friend of your choosing. Buddy personal training is a sneaky way to have a luxury product such as personal training on a beer budget – phone us for prices and options.

You are always welcome and encouraged as a potential new client to attend The Gym for a tour – with out the fear of being pressured into anything or intimidated by our staff or clients. You are also welcome to participate in a complimentary personal training session at your convenience – secured with a $10 deposit, half of which is donated to The Butterfly Foundation or Lifeline, the other half fully refunded on presentation for your booked session.

We understand that taking the first step in the direction of your best life is extremely daunting – once you do arrive at Sculpture Personal Training, we will do everything to elevate that anxiety and can almost guarantee you will find your “second home” as we sculpture every part of your fitness routine and nutritional and sleep education to fit your needs and your goals. If you do not wish to go further, we will not hassle you, however, if you continue to move forward and decide to take advantage of our services this is what you can expect:

You will essentially begin with a relaxed chat with your training discussing your present health and fitness level as well as your health and fitness goals. This will be followed by a slightly more formal fitness appraisal. Measurements of your body and body functions as a measure of your health will be taken. The appraisal can feel a little embarrassing or intimidating, however, recording your initial fitness details will not only provide you with motivation, but also fill you with an enormous sense of accomplishment when you look back on these initial figures at one of your future appraisals.

Your trainer will then discuss with you your fitness goals and schedule you in for your preferred personal training session times. Your current nutrition levels and sleep routine will be discussed and you will be loaded with literature to assist you in making healthy choices in the future – some bedtime reading! You will also be given a notebook and asked to keep a food diary. “Before” photos may also be taken at this point.

During your personal training session, your trainer will instruct you on, and with, the exercise equipment. The instruction will focus your energy and maximise your efforts in achieving your goals. As well ensuring that all physical movements are safe and optimised to produce visible results, your trainer will provide motivation so that you to push yourself that little bit further to perform. You may be asked to perform some cardiovascular training in addition to your scheduled personal training sessions and group classes. This can be performed at The Gym either before or after your one-to-one personal training session. It is imperative not to compare yourself to others, as everybody starts at a different level and different people achieve different results in different time frames.

The best way to understand our difference is to take up this complementary “pop in session” with us, however, a peruse of our Facebook, Instagram or youtube videos is a lower key introduction to us…

So this is what you can expect from us; in return though, we expect from you:


A key component of Sculpture Personal Training’s ethos is honesty, and this is what we expect for you too! Complete honesty is the only route to success. Honesty with yourself – why are you at your current fitness/health level, what do you want out time at Sculpture? Honesty with your trainer – do you have any injuries, have you lapsed on your regime, is there anything you want to discuss? Honesty in your food diary – what about those 6 scoops of sugar in your skim milk coffee?!


  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early for your booked session. Once arrived, stretch and warm up on the cardio equipment – even if for 5 minutes.
  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Bring a towel. Sculpture Personal Training has deodorant available to use and hydration available to purchase.
  • Prepare yourself mentally prior to your personal training session. Have success in your mind. There will be times when you do not want to come – come anyway. You will always feel mentally and physically better after exercise. You will not regret it. Travel to us with this knowledge.
  • Prepare your weekly schedule. Know when you are training and make sure you can attend a session. If you are late, your session may need to be cut short due to scheduling restraints. If you do not give 24-hours notice of inability to attend, your session will be forfeited.
  • Prepare and plan your meals so that you are never left without a healthy option. Use containers and zip lock bags. Create a weekly menu. Write a shopping list.


Your personal training sessions are structured to optimise the results achievable in a set amount of time; however, wherever possible, you should always take the opportunity for a little “boost” away from Sculpture PT’s supervision. For example take the stairs rather than the lift, if you take the lift – do squats when the doors close –even if someone else in is there ;), dance while doing mundane tasks, go for a walk in a break period. Things like going for a walk, have the additional proven benefits of assisting with stress management, mindfulness and mental processing. The options to “value add” to your health outside Sculpture PT sessions are endless… use your imagination!

To further promote the fat burning power of your cardio workouts, you should consider that men and women burn fat and carbohydrate in different ways and avoid eating for about 90 minutes either after or before your sessions depending on your birth gendre respectively:

Men are very much ‘carbohydrate burners’ –it is better for men to eat after exercising if they want to burn fat. This is because after exercise, men will use that carbohydrate to replace the carbohydrate in their muscles rather than burn it for fuel and will continue to burn fat instead. For women, eating before they exercise is better than eating after if they want to burn fat. Women’s bodies tend to burn fat more easily than men’s, and are not fuelled so much by carbohydrate. Moreover, women are much better at conserving carbohydrate during exercise. So when women eat carbohydrate soon after exercise, this is effectively overloading them with fuel, and interferes with the body’s ability to burn fat. Strategically timing your eating may not necessarily change your weight or waist circumfirance faster, however it will have a significant impact of your blood sugar and lipid profiles which has a huge implication on your health.

Write your goals down, and place them in a visible location. This will provide inspiration and give you a real reference point.


Remember why you engaged with us. Remember that your health and the body it comes in are your most important assets! Work hard and relax hard. Don’t take it too seriously. Don’t deprive yourself. Your trainer will provide you with information throughout your sessions, this information is specific to you, and should be taken into consideration to improve the time frame for your results – but do not chastise yourself if you do want to take on board every suggestion, or even any of them away from the gym. This is your journey.

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